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    Solve more than 25,000 Sudoku puzzles divided into 5 levels of difficulty (from easy to extremely). Sudoku++ offers a clear, simple and modern design for all major resolutions. The easy operating concept honors this free app.

    Features of Sudoku++:
    - more than 25,000 different Sudokus
    - 5 levels of difficulty
    - add notes into free fields
    - resume last 10 puzzles
    - undo steps
    - multiple color theme
    - highlight related fields
    - automatic error checking
    - and many more

    About Sudoku:
    Sudoku (sometimes incorrectly written Suduko or Sudoko) originated in Japan (Sūdoku) and literally means something like "strip the numbers". However, the logic puzzle was invented earlier under the name "Number Place" by an American and is a derivative of the "Latin squares".
    The classic Sudoku consists of a raster of 9x9 cells, which are grouped into a total of nine 3x3 blocks. The goal of the game is to fill each block with the numbers 1 through 9, but even only used once in each section, column and row.
    Sudoku has several levels of difficulty (in this app you can choose between easy, normal, hard, very hard and extreme) based on how many numbers you get to start with and where the digits are positioned.

    About the app:
    Sudoku++ is the original and not a modified version (like X-Sudoku, Roxdoku or Fudschijama). Notice especially the correct spelling of Sudoku, sometimes incorrectly written Suduku or Sodoko and even like Sodoko or Sodoku.
    The app runs on all Android smartphones, starting from version 1.6 (even ICS), but is currently not supported on tablets. To report a bug or request a feature, just send an e-mail:

    Please note, that the application uses the Internet connection for showing ads. However, on this way no personal data will be stored by the author. You can buy a ad-free version of Sudoku PlusPlus on market.
    Write permission for external memory is required to save game data (for example: scores) on memory card.

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