Sudoku Hint Plus

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    Sudoku Hint Plus has these features:
    - Provides hints for solving Sudoku puzzles, including number hints and color hints
    - Allows entry in multiple colors for following various solution paths
    - Allows a user to enter puzzles from other sources
    - Generates new random games with 4 levels of difficulty
    - Solves any puzzle in a fraction of a second using the most advanced "dancing links" algorithm
    - Provides built-in help and some sample games

    The Free version only allows one puzzle at a time.
    The Plus version:
    - Allows the user to name puzzles and store and retrieve them
    - Adds a Cheat option to the menu for revealing a single cell of the solution
    - Adds a Validate option to the menu for checking to see if the entries made so far match the solution

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