Sudoku Revolution 2 : Consecutive, King, Knight

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    Sudoku Revolution 2 : Consecutive, King, Knight

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    Bored with normal Sudoku rules? Sudoku Revolution 2 brings you new rules for Sudoku! Also for those who like kenken, mathdoku, arithmegrid, calcudoku, andoku and other varied logic puzzles.

    Sudoku Revolution 2 contains several diverse variations / variants of Sudoku puzzles. These varied versions of puzzles surely will give you fun.

    Basic Rule: Fill numbers in the board such that every row, column and region contains one occurrence of each number.

    * Normal Mode: Basic Rules.
    * Anti Diagonal: each diagonal has at most three different digits.
    * Consecutive: all the places where adjacent cells are consecutive numbers have been specially marked.
    * Non-Consecutive: no two adjacent cells have consecutive values.
    * Argyle: every marked diagonal line contains each digit not more than once.
    * Anti-King: neither orthogonally nor diagonally adjacent can have equal digits
    * Anti-Knight: all cells at a chess knight move (at a distance of 2 by 1) must hold different digits.

    Free play through hundreds of levels.

    **** features ****

    # Content
    - 200 Levels for each Mode
    - Each Mode divided into 4 difficulty levels
    - 7 Different Modes

    # Features
    - Show the occurrence of each number near the number buttons
    - "Hint" auto fills the board with memo that has no direct conflicts with other numbers
    - Highlight same numbers as you select a number on board
    - Also Highlight memo numbers as you select a number
    - Autosave the process of unfinished levels
    - Record best completion time for each level

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