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    With Sudoku Vision application, you can :

    1. Capture a Sudoku if there is a camera

    - Place the Sudoku at any angle from 0° to 360°
    - See each step to find grid and numbers in the photo
    - Ask to evaluate the difficulty level of the Sudoku just captured

    2. See augmented reality in action if there is a camera

    - Just show a Sudoku to Sudoku Vision and you will see the solution, no photo to take and no button to press
    - Just show a Sudoku to Sudoku Vision and you will capture the digits, no photo to take and no button to press
    - Place the Sudoku at any angle from 0° to 360°
    - Ask to evaluate the difficult level of the Sudoku just captured

    3. Generate a Sudoku

    - Ask for a difficulty level from "1. Very very easy" to "9. Final"
    - Many strategies supported(*)
    - Instantaneous generation
    - Unlimited new Sudokus
    - No Internet connection is required

    4. Get help for the solution

    - Show pencil marks with manual or automatic mode
    - Ask for hints that teach if you are stuck
    - Ask for a solution, even for the most difficult Sudoku
    - Ask if they are more than one solution
    - Ask to verify the uniqueness of Sudoku whenever a cell is changed
    - Undo/Redo function
    - View step by step the explicative road toward the solution(*)
    - Allow to give the solution for 100% of all Sudokus without identifying strategies
    - Allow to give the solution for 100% of all Sudokus by identifying strategies(*)
    - Allow to give the solution for the Sudokus recognized as the most difficult, for example the well-known Sudoku by Finnish mathematician Arto Inkala
    - Allow to find the digit that identifies a path to the solution for the strategy named Key digit of level 9. Final; the first path or the path with the shortest response time can be presented (adjustable in the Settings window)
    - Usage of all processors to minimize the response time for level 9. Final (adjustable in the Settings window)

    5. Save and open Sudoku

    - The Sudoku itself
    - The photo of the Sudoku
    - Sort your Sudokus during opening : name ascending or descending or date modified ascending or descending with or without sensitive case
    - Filter for files list

    6. Very interesting advantages

    - Free
    - No ad
    - No Internet connection
    - Support the multi-window feature of Samsung TouchWiz user interface
    - Large phones support at full screen
    - From small(for example your Android watch) to large and very large screen support at full screen
    - Support of all screen densities
    - Screen rotation support
    - The application can be moved to external memory (APP2SD)

    (*) 53 strategies supported (more coming in the next version) :
    * Naked single
    * Hidden single
    * Pointing/claiming
    * Naked twin
    * Hidden twin
    * Naked triplet
    * Hidden triplet
    * Naked quadruplet
    * Hidden quadruplet
    * X-Wing, X-Wing finned, X-Wing sashimi simple or double
    * XY-Wing
    * XYZ-Wing
    * WXYZ-Wing extended : 4 cells or more with simple or double wing
    * W-Wing
    * Swordfish, Swordfish finned, Swordfish sashimi
    * Jellyfish, Jellyfish finned, Jellyfish sashimi
    * Uniqueness type 1 to 6
    * Uniqueness type x
    * Uniqueness hidden rectangle
    * Bug type 1
    * Bug type 2
    * Bug type x
    * Avoidable rectangle type 1 to 3
    * Avoidable rectangle x
    * Almost locked sets XZ simple linked
    * Almost locked sets XZ double linked
    * Almost locked sets XY-Wing
    * Almost locked sets XYZ-Wing
    * Death Blossom
    * Death blossom interlaced
    * Subset exclusion (Sue de Coq)
    * Turbot
    * X-Chain
    * XY-Chain
    * Inference Chain type 1 to 5
    - Key digit

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