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    SUDOKU is a logic based number placement puzzle game. or you may call it Su Doku, number place, or Suedoeku.

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    Needs access to Phone calls .... Because if you are in a game and your phone rings. the app saves the game to allow you access to the phone call.

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    Playing sliding puzzle and Sudoku are both ways to enhance cognitive ability. Improve memory, cognitive abilities, brain health and attention, with scientific brain game, get higher IQ. Sudoku is number-placement puzzle. Play Sudoku daily free. Sudoku is a fun game and great for brain fitness. Other names: sodoku, sudoko, suduku, sodoko, sudoku. Be careful Sudoku is an addictive game. Sudoku means single number. Suuji, which can be translated as the digits must be single.

    sudoku puzzles with difficulty levels ranging from easy to evil

    SUDOKU has tons of options to make your game play more enjoyable.

    If you don't like something about my SUDOKU game please feel free to email your suggestions to

    Each Sudoku has a unique solution that can be reached logically without guessing. Enter digits from 1 to 9 into the blank spaces. Every row must contain one of each digit. So must every column, as must every 3x3 square.

    Does a Sudoku have more than one solution?

    Properly formed Sudoku always have only one solution. In our view, a Sudoku with more than one solution is not properly formed, but of course puzzles from other sources may have multiple answers.

    The grading is based on the logic steps required to solve the puzzle. The requirement to use any of a number of pre-defined logic steps makes a puzzle hard, and needing "hard" logic more than a few times makes a puzzle very hard. Of course, difficulty is subjective. One person may find a particular type of logic easy, while another finds it really difficult. There are often only a relatively small number of "choke" points in even a very hard puzzle. If you happen to spot the "hard" steps quickly, then you'll fly through!

    My SUDOKU game is ever changing to meet the user standards. SUDOKU should be a fun game so before leaving a negative comment please email your conserns with my SUDOKU game.

    Alot of the comments that are left about my SUDOKU game are just misunderstandings about the uses of the options avalible on the main screen. I would love to have my SUDOKU game on your phone so please help me be the best sudoku game on the market.

    Please play our other games if you like this one.

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