Original Sudoku puzzle will take you to the world of digits you have never experienced before. Over 10 000 puzzles including examples with 5 difficulty levels. It’s no matter whether you are expert or you are starting your adventure with Sudoku. There is something for everyone.

    Great and refined graphic design that stands out from another applications of this type. Stop thinking Android applications must look archaic.

    Start to take care of environment, don’t waste a paper. Now, you can play your favorite game on the screen of your mobile phone – at school, work, home, on a tram or a bus – wherever you want.

    Sudoku is excellent game that lets you train your brain.

    The most important features:

    -over 10 000 puzzles – new puzzles are being added with every update,
    -5 difficulty levels – EASY, MEDNIUM, HARD, EXPERT, UNSOLVABLE,
    -great and easy on the eye graphic design that stands out from another this kind of applications,
    -2 themes – bright and dark,
    - intelligent and fully customizable hint system – possibility of highlight errors, row and column, cells with the same digit as selected, possibility of enter your own suggestions into cells as a small digits,
    -undo and redo functions - let you undo every changes,
    -possibility of continuing game – automatic save the state of the game after exit,
    - time measurement during the game,
    -prevent from turning the screen off during the game,
    -and many others :).
    If you like Sudoku puzzles, this game is dedicated for you :).

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