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    Published: 2012-10-25, by .

    A well-thought and fun puzzle game that will have you thinking for quite some time

    • Original idea
    • Fun and addictive
    • Challenging
    • Changing state

    "Solid, liquid or gas?"

    Superfluid has escaped its containment shell and wants to definitely break free by beating his evil creators in Dynamisplice. Some other creations are in search of Superfluid, like the Clean Up Guy or the Diabolical Jelly and the Stalagbites.

    Superfluid has to solve a long list of traps and puzzles, everything controlled by tilting your device and using the thermometer to change the temperature of the room and, consequently, make Superluid change state -solid, liquid, gas- in order to achieve the most challenging tasks.

    Undoubtedly, the creators have thought of and developed an excellent idea, a really interesting concept turned into a really worthy game which is, in addition, hard to pass! The entertainment part is obvious: the main character is cute and the gameplay is challenging and really fun.

    Surface Tension with support from Virgin Media is the developer of Super-Fluid, a fun puzzle game full of new difficult tasks as you advance and with amazing graphics.

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    Oct 25, 2012


    The product of a scientific experiment gone wrong, Superfluid has broken out of its containment shell and remains blissfully unaware of the dangers which wait beyond the creation chamber. Seizing the opportunity, Super-Fluid sets out to escape the clutches of its demented creators Dynamisplice and gain the freedom it so desperately craves.

    In pursuit of Super-Fluid are all the failed experiments Dynamisplice likes to hide in the basement, such as the Diabolical Jelly and the Stalagbites. However, Super-Fluids true nemesis is the Clean Up Guy, who Dynamisplice has hired to track down and eliminate this stain on their reputation. Combined with a whole host of puzzles, traps and contraptions, Super-Fluids escape will not be an easy one.

    Super-Fluid is a 2D side-scrolling puzzle game which combines tilt-based controls with the ability to change state between solid, liquid and gas to complete a variety of puzzles and challenges.

    Developed with support from Virgin Media.

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