Super Ghost




    There is no other game like Super Ghost. For those of you familiar with the spoken word game "Ghost", that used to make your family road trips bearable and sometimes actually fun, dive in and play the amazingly addictive and competitive game you know and love.

    The objective of Super Ghost is to avoid completing a word, or to trick your opponent into spelling a word.

    Each player takes a turn placing a letter on the board, trying to leave their opponent with no other option but to spell a word.
    If a complete word is on the board, a player must has the option of using the "call word." If the word is valid, the player who called will win, if it is invalid, the player who called will lose.
    A different strategy would be to try and trick your opponent. Placing a letter that may not look like it, in hopes of drawing them to "challenge" you. If a player is "challenged" they must use as many letters as they can to complete a valid word. If the player cannot make a valid word, the opponent who challenged wins the round. If a valid word was played, the challenging opponent will win.

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