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    To move a square:
    Click on a colored square first, and click on the destination cell which is no square on it. The square will move itself to a destination cell, if there is a free way to it. A move is impossible, if the destination cell is empty, but there is no way to that cell.

    To clear squares:
    Place 5 (or more) connected squares with the same color/number in one line (vertical, horizontal or oblique).
    If your move results in a new horizontal, vertical or diagonal line of 5 or more squares of the same color, the squares disappear and you get prize points and one more move.

    1. If a square is moved but unable to clear a line, there will be new squares added on the checkered board. When the board is completely covered by squares, the game is over.
    2. If you click on a free destination cell but nothing happens, either there is not a square selected yet, or there is no a free way to the destination cell.
    3. Squares on the top denote colors of the next move of the program.

    The game has 3 difficulty levels, come and challenge your limits.

    [Easy] Board size: 8x8, Number of square colors: 7, Add: 2 squares each time.
    [Medium] Board size: 7x7, Number of square colors: 6, Add: 2 squares each time.
    [Hard] Board size: 8x8, Number of square colors: 6, Add: 3 squares each time.

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