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    Survive: Attack or Defend

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    Survive: Attack or Defend is based on an ancient and classic strategy board game played in parts of the Indian subcontinent. The fundamental game plan is based on the “Attacking” and “Defending” strategies, which is the same in any other strategy board games like Chess, checkers etc. To make it fun Tiger and Sheep characters are used to associate with the respective strategies. The winning criterion for the Tiger is to kill 5 Sheep’s and for the Sheep is to block all the three tigers.

    How to play Survive: Attack or Defend?
    This game in its current format can be played by;
    • Two players, each one selecting the game role of Tiger and Sheep
    • Single player, who plays both the game roles

    The winning objective in Attacking mode (Tiger) is to kill 5 goats and in Defending mode (Sheep) is to block all three Tigers by surrounding them and make them immovable.

    Attacking mode (Tiger) Rules:
    • Tigers can kill a Sheep by jumping over it in any direction, but only if there is a vacant position
    • Tiger cannot jump over another tiger
    • Tiger can kill only one Sheep at a time

    Defending mode (Sheep) Rules:
    • Sheep’s can move only after all the 15 sheep’s are placed on the board
    • Sheep’s cannot jump over Tigers or other Sheep’s

    NOTE: Currently the game application works ONLY for the following screen sizes;
    - 240 X 400
    - 320 X 480
    - 480 X 800
    - 640 X 960

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