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    Tap the Mushroom is a puzzle game which contains various kinds of stages and diverse mini-games filled with achievements to keep you coming back for more. Different level will require you to tap, to slide and to do other possible actions on the way of getting puzzles solved as well as kinds of achievements. In this game, it will test your reflection and memory in the funniest way. Easy to pick-up yet challenging to master.


    Touch to interact.
    Multiple levels of different mini game ( First version will contains 3 different mini games)
    Easy to get 3 stars but player will challenged to get 5 stars and achievement.
    Levels can be play over and over again to get points to purchase new mushroom, which will change each level.

    EASY TO PICK-UP YET CHALLENGING TO MASTER. Intuitive mechanics, you can easily complete a level by achieving necessary points, but the player needs to put more efforts if he wants to master in one level.

    At first, there is a big mushroom in the center of the scene, and it¡¯ll be controlled by the accelerometer. When it hits any side of the screen, the mushroom will shrink a little bit after all. The goal is to have the mushroom shrunk to disappear as quickly as the player can. So the player needs to hold his phone in one hand, and then shake it! However, the trick part of this level is having the mushroom got smaller and smaller with every hit, so the distance between the mushroom and the inside of the screen increases which makes it harder after accumulated hits.


    There will be 40 mushrooms in the scene, and the player needs to tap to make the mushrooms disappear as quickly as he can within 5 seconds.


    This level starts with a story of how the mushroom has been blown away by the wind when it is just a spore. Then its journey starts with taking every effort to collect nutrition in order to maintain the ability to fly. However, the more food it has eaten the bigger it will get, with its growing into a grown-up mushroom, the mushroom itself may find it harder to fly through some obstacles. So in this game, the player not only needs to eat the food ( the yellow diamond) to keep flying but to eat the item ( the blue ball) which could help the mushoroom shrink and then making it fly through all the obstalces as far as possible. The world has gravity and the spore will fly high when the player touches the screen.


    The power bar will change from the left to the right with a little bit slower on the left side while faster on the right side. While it hits to the right side, it charges the mushroom with more power to jump, and the mushroom would jump the furthest when the bar hits to the most right side. Player has got three chances (because it is a triple jump!) to make the mushroom jump by tap the screen. Making each jump with the maximum power will get five stars.


    The player needs to use the pump to blow up the mushroom just like to blow up a basketball. By sliding the pump handle up and down, the mushroom will be inflated. The quicker the handle moves the quicker the mushroom will be burst. This game is all about your finger speed, how quick you can be?

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