The Alphas Game

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    This is a letters game where you will choose 9 letters and form the longest word you can in 30 seconds.

    -No advertisments
    -Quick loading time and fast game play
    -The letters game allows you to choose one letter at a time or all nine letters in one fell swoop.
    -Built-in dictionary of 200,000 words (excluding hyphenated words) for the letters game. No internet connection required.

    -3 modes available which can be selected in settings menu:
    i. no keeping score for practicing without keeping scores of your results
    ii. keeping score for single player games
    iii. keeping score for multiplayer games. Internet is required only for multiplayer games. You can play against people in your contacts with their email addresses. In the future, You will be able to play against any member when the number of members exceeds 100.
    10 rounds of play when in multiplayer mode

    -Stats menu provides details of your score:
    It includes percentanges for scores of single player games
    For multiplayer games, it includes:
    scores of the top 10 players
    all games played with your and your opponent's scores and solutions

    -Continue the game where you left off, if you left the game prior to completion.

    Touch on the letters to enter your solution. Swiping left or right on and around the input text field clears the input field. More instructions are provided in the menu.