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    The Jars I is a simple puzzle game based on basic mathematical logic. Test your ingenuity, by solving the puzzle in less number of moves. There are 4 non calibrated jars whose capacities are 24, 13, 11 and 5 pints. The one with the 24 pints capacity is full with wine, whilst the other 3 jars are empty. The problem is to divide the wine into three equal pints of 8 pints each. There are several ways of accomplishing this but try & get to the minimum number of moves. However, if you run into any difficulty, select 'Solve' and I shall help you in accomplishing this. Apart from the problem of distributing the wine into 3 jars of 8litres each, we could also cascade a problem of dividing the wine into two jars of 12 pints each.

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