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    An 8-bit style remake of Mike Singleton's 1984 classic adventure game "The Lords of Midnight". The remake remains as faithful as possible to the original game, while adding touch screen controls for the Android platform.

    Released under licence, for other versions of the game see the official homepage at

    You start the game with 4 characters: Luxor the Moonprince, his son Morkin, Rorthron the Wise, and Corleth the Fey. By recruiting other Lords in the land of Midnight you must defeat the evil Witchking Doomdark in his fortress in Ushgarak.

    The Ice Crown is Doomdark's greatest weakness, as well as the source of his terrible power. Help Morkin find the Ice Crown and discover a way to destroy it, ending the battle once and for all.

    The game ends when either:

    * Morkin and Luxor are both killed
    * Morkin is killed and the Citadel at Xajorkith falls

    In order to claim victory:

    * the people of the Free take Ushgarak or
    * the Ice Crown is destroyed


    * touch the lower half of screen in "Look" mode to move or change the view, touch the centre to move forwards, touch the left or right side to turn around.
    * touch the upper half of the screen in "Look" mode to go to the "Think" screen or the "Select Lord" menu. Touch the shield to select a Lord, touch the text part to go to the "Think" screen.
    * Think screen: touch the upper half of the screen to go back to the main view, touch the lower half to go to either the lord selection or to the "choose" menu.
    * Select menu items by touching them


    * Back: will take you to the previous screen. Back on the title screen will exit the game. Back on the main view will take you to the save menu.
    * Volume Up/Down: Save a screen shot
    * Home: back to the Android home screen (unused)
    * Any other buttons: unused


    Q - move forwards
    R - think
    T - choose
    E - look
    U - night
    S - save
    D - load
    1-8 - change to face direction

    Letters and numbers on menus indicate the appropriate keyboard shortcut for that option.

    Write to SD Card permission is required to save the screen shots.

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