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    The parking simulation game that you operate a car, and parks on the parking space appointed with the help of a driving technology and intuition.
    Course collecting to parking space, Parking of avoiding running car, And parking of idea of procedure,
    The difficult problem of full loading challenges your parking technique one after another as for the puzzle element.
    Let's improve the parking technique by making good use of various cars with a different size.


    The parking simulation game.


    It is stage clearness when the steering wheel, the accelerator, and the selector are skillfully manipulated, and it parks to a specified parking space place.
    ・There is the FREE STAGE function that you can challenge by various cars.
    ・There are The SHOP functions that provides a new car and auto insurance.
    ・There is the OPTION function that adjustment of the play speed, And the choice of a left-hand drive or the right-hand drive can set.

    【Support environment】---------------------------------------------------------

    ・Android OS Version 2.2 or higher.
    ・HTC Desire X06HT(2.2,2.3.3)、HTC sensation(2.3.3)in the Verified.
    ・This application may not work normally in some terminals.



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