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    What the Pic? Word Puzzle Game
    Reveal the picture and guess the word! Check out ★What the Pic?★ a new word puzzle game based on the elements of 4 Pics 1 Word and What's the Word - the most addictive brain teasers that everyone's crazy about! The best photo quiz trivia. Reveal the pieces and find out what's hidden! A super exciting game for kids and adults that will tickle your brain and make you always come back to play more! Download now!

    - Absolutely fantastic brain trainer that offers so much fun!
    - Reveal the pieces and try to guess what's in the picture!
    - Guess the word and earn three coins for each level!
    - Reveal seven fields at most and use hints/cheats if necessary: remove, reveal letters, more reveals!
    - Too difficult? Skip level (but no more than two times)!
    - A large number of pictures; new levels added weekly!
    - Enjoy this extremely fun mind game for Android free!

    For all fans of logo games, logic puzzles and mind games here comes a new challenge to get their brain thinking. 'Whats the Pic?' is a brand new free app suitable for kids of all ages as well as the adults, a bit tricky, yet so much fun and relaxing at the same time. Playing it is pretty straightforward: reveal the pieces you want to see what's hidden in the background. Use the scrambled letters to guess the word. The images are mainly objects from everyday life that everyone can guess. You can reveal seven pieces at most and then, if you have enough coins, use hints to help you: reveal letters from the word, remove unnecessary letters from the line, or get more reveals – the chance to reveal 3 more pieces. Overall, a pretty fun and addictive game to train your brain and have a great time!

    Can you guess the picture based on the part that is shown? Try to do it with as little reveals as possible. Can you pass all levels? Challenge your mind with this fantastic brain teaser for free. “What the Pic” game keeps you interested and gets harder as you go. If you love playing photo quizzes and guessing words, you will adore this highly entertaining puzzle. Kids will enjoy the perfect mix of pics and words and adults will see it's a great way to kill time and relax. Like any other brain teaser this one is also beneficial to your mind as it improves your brain activity and observations skills. A totally free pic app that will keep the kids busy and entertained for hours always making them to come back to play one more level. What's the picture? Who is it? “Whats the word”? Download the free mind game and start playing immediately!

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