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    Published: 2013-07-12, by Manu Galvez.

    Thundergod Matches is a fantasy-themed card memory

    • Fantasy them
    • Tap to twirl cards around
    • Different difficulty modes
    • Challenging
    • No online leaderboards
    • Only one game mode
    • Boring after a while

    "God's memory"

    Thundergod is a challenging, mind-breaking game that helps you keep fit what really matters: your brain. However, this isn't one of those boring brain-training exercises. Thundergod Matches is a game after all and, as a game, loads of fun are guaranteed.

    Ok, gameplay isn't the most original ever seen. That's true. However, the folks at Forthright Entertainment have given it a fantasy touch that makes it more attractive. No more childish cards: in Thundergod Matches cards are made of wood with illustration of swords, shields, sacred animals, coins and symbols.

    Besides, it works as usual: tap on any card in the grid to twirl it around and try to find the pair. You can try as many times as you need: there aren't penalties for that. However, games are timed, so try to solve the whole grid as fast as you can. There are 5 different difficulty levels and you can add extra time if you feel you won't be able to solve the grid in the given amount of time.

    Although the game is entertaining so far (and background music is fantastic), it needs some features to enhance its playability. First off, different game modes: for example, a mode in which number of taps matter. Second, it needs online leaderboards or any other kind of social integration to share with others how good we are at Thundergod Matches.

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    by Emmanuel , Appszoom

    Jul 12, 2013


    Thundergod Matches is an exciting, fun little game where you try to flip over cards and create matches using 8 Thundergods of Mythology. Every deity has their own attack, defense, and specialty icons as well. Find Zeus, Thor, Perun, Indra, Lei Gong, Chaac, Raijin, and Odin.
    Challenge yourself with over 5 levels of difficulty with an option for additional time on each level. No two levels are ever the same with the random generation creation tool.
    Think you have what it takes to beat the Hardestest level? That's right... we even made up a word for our most difficult level! So whether you play on easy or hardestest, you will find hours of mind-stimulating entertainment in Thundergod Matches. Download it today and begin your journey!

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