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    I bounce a ball, and let's break a tile with a bar!
    Strength is different by the color of the tile.
    Do the various memories that I forgot revive?
    There are function-limited, (TileAtackLight), too.

    **** Please confirm attention. ****

    It is selected by three kinds of mode (Easy, Standard, Pro). The flimsiness of the tile is different.
    I can create a tile by myself. (I can distribute it  :※SDcard is necessary)
    A tile background for the random (as for the image in the terminal, possible an open addition trust fund)

    ※ Attention ※
    Available screen size.
    ・480(fixation) X 800(over)
    (docomo F-12C , T-01C ,etc)
    ・540(fixation) X 960(over)
    (docomo f SH-13C , au INFOBAR A01 ,etc)
    ・720(fixation) X 1280(over)
    (docomo T-01D , MEDIAS LTE N-04D , etc)
    ・1080(fixation) X 1750(over)
    (docomo XPERIA Z1 , etc)

    At first please confirm it in a free version.
    I can confirm the size by the homepage of the companies or a pamphlet.

    About an SD card
    I may assume an SD card internal SD with some models.
    In that case, please be careful because I use internal SD not outside SD.
    I am going to improve it, but it will be not yet decided it in future at the time.

    Movement inspection
    Docomo f SH-13C (Android 2.3) Japan
    Docomo XPERIA SO-01F(Android 4.4.2) Japan

    **I do not use the information of the e-mail addresses at the time of the contribution elsewhere.
    **Please input a model into comment if you like.
    **Because information to the outside does not transmit a message by our application, please use it in peace

    *Because I make English by translation software, I think that it is incomprehensible, but approve it.

    Along with changes in standards of Google copy of the CSV file is the standard app (File Commander) other than,
    There are times when it can not. (During capture)
    It seems no problem when feeding attachments.
    It relates to when you want to copy to the defined position of the application, the file that you downloaded after receipt