Tiny Text Adventure




    Embark on an adventure - just a small one - an adventure in the amazing realm of text! Go North, South, Up, Down, into a cupboard, out of a cupboard, the possibilities are endless in your imagination. In this game however the possibilities are finite and are likely to be quickly exhausted but not before you've had a tiny adventure all of your own.

    This game harks back to the original text adventures of the authors youth - Colossal Cave, Sphinx Adventure, Zork. Experience a tiny subset of the majesty of this genre without the painful need to actually type text on a mobile device.


    The INTERNET and ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE permissions are required to allow game play analytics to be gathered. This information is minimal and includes things like how many times you\'ve completed the game, how long it took and how long the game takes to load. All of this data is anonymous and averaged out by the Google Analytics servers. There is no personal data included in this information. This data will be used to understand what features of the game are used most and where improvements can be made, for instance to speed up load times if there is seen to be an issue on certain devices.

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