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    This game is NOT DESIGNED FOR TABLETS, so the motion sensing may not work correctly. Please do not give it bad reviews from a tablet.

    Touch It! is similar to the popular game Bop It! The game will tell you to "Touch it!" "Pull it!" or "Twist it!" and you have to complete that action in time. You will either touch or move your phone in order to complete the right move. As time goes on, it will get faster and faster. How long can you keep up?

    You must hold the phone flat with the screen facing up in order for the movements to work. Watch the video to see how to perform each move.

    Touch it! can be played alone, or by up to 4 people. In multi-player mode, each person will get 4 moves, then 5, etc. As soon as you miss one move, you're out. The person who gets the most moves right wins!

    The rules are simple. Do what the game tells you to do. "Touch it!" means touch the screen. "Pull it!" means pull the phone towards you. "Twist it!" means twist the phone counter-clockwise on the y-axis (twist your wrist to the left.)

    If you are having trouble with the movements, please try adjusting the sensitivity.

    This game uses AndEngine GLES2. Some older phones do not support OpenGL2, and will not be able to play this game.

    This game is developed by an independent (indie) developer.
    If you find any errors in this game, please email me with error details and the phone you are using. I am actively working on improving this game to make it as fun and error-free as possible. I take pride in my applications, so please email me about errors instead of posting bad reviews and I will do my best to fix them.

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