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    Published: 2012-11-16, by Ana Gracia.

    Place obstacles so all the red balls are trapped

    • Fun and interesting
    • Really challenging
    • Requires quick thinking and movement

    "Mission: Capture the red balls"

    Trap Balls is a very simple but entertaining game that exercises your brain. There's a grid with small squares and a lot of red balls which you need to trap by placing obstacles around the central area to prevent the movement and trap them all.

    When the games move too fast or slow, press the shake button to give yourself another chance. Take into account that the number of moves and the time are limited, so everything you do counts as a move, making you lose opportunities quicker.

    There's the world mode with 81 levels which allows you to collect golden balls to unlock following words and also the classic gameplay, the one where you can play a single game. Also, make sure to choose between normal difficulty and crazy, where the balls move even more randomly than ever.

    PIRAMIDA entertainment is the developer of Trap Balls, a game with a simple premise that works because it gets you addicted and frankly, it will require some time for you to finish it successfully and trap all balls inside. And we recommend it highly, we think it's an interesting time-passer!

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    by Anna , Appszoom

    Nov 16, 2012


    Simple and addictive. Test your finger skills combined with brain skills.
    4 Worlds, total 324 levels, free to play!
    5 Leaderboards for total remaining moves (sign in with Google+).
    Video - walkthrough for Green: 13, 27, 76, 78.
    Video - walkthrough for Turquoise: 6, 31, 54, 81; Lime: 33, 61, 79; Olive: 56, 60, 62, 69, 70, 77

    - If the balls move too fast or too slow, use triangular 'SHAKE' button a few times. It feels so good! :)
    - We constantly improve our game and we want to make it better. If you find any errors or you have any suggestions, please send us an e-mail, so we can fix it and make the game better.

    - the game grid consists of 9x9 squares
    - place tiles around central 3x3 area to prevent movement of 12 red balls
    - if balls move too slow or too fast, press triangular 'shake' button below
    - the level is WON when... :
    Green, Turquoise: when all balls are contained inside the central area
    Lime, Olive: when 11 red balls are contained inside and 1 green ball is anywhere outside the central area
    - after you complete a level, you can proceed to next two levels

    - number of moves is limited, time is limited too
    - placing tile on grid counts as one move
    - removing tile from grid counts as one move
    - pressing 'shake' button counts as one move
    - you cannot place tiles inside central 3x3 dark red area, marked with red border
    - fixed full tiles cannot be removed (available in Turquoise, Lime and Olive Worlds)
    - timer tiles disappear after 5 seconds if not pressed again (available in Turquoise, Lime and Olive)
    - fixed empty tiles are marked with X, tiles cannot be placed there (available in Olive World)
    - slow mode balls move slower, number of moves on level is decreased by 5 (-5 moves)
    - fast mode balls move faster, number of moves on level is increased by 5 (+5 moves)

    WORLDS: play 81 levels on each World
    Green World: collect 81 golden balls to unlock the Turquoise World
    Turquoise World: collect 81 golden balls to unlock the Lime World
    Lime World: collect 81 golden balls to unlock the Olive World
    Olive World: collect 81 golden balls to remove ads from game

    You can earn golden balls only by playing the game.
    When the remaining number of moves on each level is 20 or more, you get a golden ball.
    - except levels 73 and 76-81 on Green World, 4 remaining moves or more are needed
    - except levels 63-81 on other Worlds, 4 remaining moves or more are needed
    - 10 (or 2 on exception levels) remaining moves or more = silver ball
    - 5 (or 1 on exception levels) remaining moves or more = bronze ball

    You can earn pearl balls only by Tapjoy offerwall.
    Use "GET PEARLS" button on menu screen to open the offerwall and earn pearl balls for free.
    3 Pearl balls unlocks Turquoise
    6 Pearl balls unlocks Lime
    9 Pearl balls unlocks Olive
    10 Pearl balls unlocks ALL Worlds and removes all ads.
    Tapjoy needs PHONE_STATE permission to get your device ID in case you reinstall the game and want to reuse the acquired pearl balls.

    - fast fingers
    - quick thinking
    - some luck
    - a little patience

    - GOLDEN BALLS: acquired / required to unlock the next World
    - GAMES: total games played
    - HI-MOVES: sum of remaining moves on all levels (higher number is better)

    Leaderboards show the total remaining moves on each World and all Worlds combined.
    You need to be signed in with Google+, to see and post the leaderboards.
    Your name shows on leaderboards when you score at least:
    - total 100 remaining moves on Green or Turquoise
    - total 200 remaining moves on Lime or Olive
    - total 2000 remaining moves on all Worlds

    The game is powered by AndEngine []

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