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    Great for single players or with friends. Play this game with with 100 and a beat up old VW bus. Travel across the US from New York to San Francisco or Los Angeles by answering Crazy8's, Politics, History, Geography or random questions about the state you're in. Play chance cards along the way and who know's where you will end up. Too many wrong questions send you to Alaska (Not a vacation). Make it to San Francisco or LA with 250 and you get a chance to win a Million inheritance.

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    Route 30 the Lincoln Highway goes from New York to San Francisco. Route 66 goes from New York to Los Angeles.

    Detailed instructions below:

    Menu > preferences - allows the following 4 game play options;
    1. Scenarios, there are 5 categories to choose from..
    All (Randomly selected from all of the above)

    2. Routes
    Route 66 - Mother Road
    Route 30 - Lincoln Highway

    3. Show Instructions
    Show instructions when the application is opened.

    4. Play Sound

    Each question you answer correctly earns you another 20 for gas.
    Wrong answers cost you 25.
    When you run out of money in your wallet you lose.

    On your route you have to answer two questions correctly, and if your wallet contains at least 50 you move to the next state on your route. However it costs you 20 for gas to get to the next state.
    Answer two questions incorrectly you are diverted to a state not on your route, each wrong answer costs you 25, with no gas penalty. Answer 2 questions correctly and and you get to drive back to the last state on your route with no gas money penalty.

    When you reach Chicago you get to go on vacation in Florida, you get a 100 bonus.
    Answer 2 questions correctly you go back to Chicago.
    Answer 3 questions wrong you are diverted to Alaska, you don’t want to go there it is not a vacation.

    Alaska, answer too many questions wrong along your route and you’ll get diverted to Alaska. Not Good. Answer 2 questions right and get you back to the state where you left the route.

    Make it to San Francisco or Los Angeles with less than 250 and you kind of win. But make it to San Francisco or Los Angeles with at least 250 and you get to take a vacation to Hawaii. Answer 2 questions correctly in Hawaii and you collect a Million inheritance. There are no chance cards in Hawaii.

    There are 50 chance cards; you can choose to take a chance anytime. Not all chances are good, not all bad. A chance card can send you to the finish line or it can send you to Alaska.

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    Have Fun!

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