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    Who would have thought that a simple box full of boxes can be such a brain-twister? By just using buttons or the gravity itself, you can let cubes fall onto their destinations in over 80 carefully handcrafted puzzles.

    Portals and three dimensional levels add a twist to the simple but addictive gameplay, an additional challenge for your brain cells. Earn all the gold stars by being especially clever and fast!

    * Simple: just rotate a big box full of boxes
    * Intuitive: screen swiping, iPhone rotation, good ol' buttons - choose your style!
    * Various: different colors - portals - three dimensional puzzles
    * Difficulty: from easy peasy to brain melting
    * Addictive: collect stars for your fame
    * Up-to-date: expect more levels in the future

    TUMBLOX - the mental exercise on your iPhone!

    "A game mechanic as simple but addictive as you can imagine (...) Fact is, the game shines with finest retro graphics and appropriate psycho-music buzzes from the speakers - a successful presentation in the whole." (
    "For those players who want to have a puzzle to wrestle with instead of easy levels in ‘pick up and play’ type games’ this is an excellent game choice. (...) In all, an impressive puzzle app." (
    "Tumblox is extremely well done." (
    "The game knows (...) how to motivate and never is unfair. The retro look grants the game a unique atmosphere. Altogether (...) it can be said that Tumblox offers a fair amount of levels, a heap of puzzle fun and a well-thought gameplay principle." (
    "Funny retro graphics and sounds make the game round." (
    "I tried it and it's very cool. The controls are great and the puzzles are very challenging! It's great fun to play :D" ('legowiz' on
    "The game is challenging and will keep you entertained from start to finish (...) The retro graphics and arcade music greatly complement gameplay as well." (

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