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    Twinz! is a memory game in which you uncover pairs of tiles. If the pictures behind the doors match, they remain open and play continues, if they do not match the doors close. Remembering the images behind the doors is the key to scoring and moving to the next level.

    Compared to many traditional memory games, Twinz! is different in that it includes features such as timed play, 7 distinct levels, 3 difficulty settings, and allows you to share your scores with other players around the world.

    Download Twinz! now, and see how good your memory really is!

    - Simple to learn, Difficult to stop playing!
    - 7 Different tile sets, each with bright & colourful images
    - 3 Difficulty settings. Can you beat them all?
    - Practise levels for the first 5 tile sets, so you can learn the images better!
    - Fully kid-friendly & kid tested, with plenty of enjoyment for grown-ups too. Don't blame us if your kids do better than you!
    - Online high score sharing with other players around the world
    - Universal game compatible with both phones and tablets, including different architectures.
    - Auto save and continue (in case you are interrupted)
    - Fully compatible with any Android phone or Tablet, including the Google Nexus

    This version of Twinz! is supported by non-obtrusive adverts, and is locked to the Portrait screen orientation. Upgrade to the Ad-Free version to remove adverts, and play in Landscape as well!

    If you encounter any problems with the game, feel free to contact us.

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