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    Published: 2012-01-03, by Peter Warrior.

    A simple yet entertaining Math game

    • Simple, fun, fast.
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    "It seemed easier when I was at primary school"

    Once in a while, we find out some really outstanding game. In the end, the easiest way to launch an outstanding game is too keep it as simple as entertaining. U plus is a simple game about mental calculation, in which you have to solve a lot of easy first degree equations the faster the better. You just have to tap on the number you want to place and where you want to place it. There aren't two puzzles alike, as every time you start a game new challenges are created.

    There are four difficulty levels subject to a timer. Try to beat your own record, which unluckily can't be shared or uploaded anywhere. Anyway, you can always play it hotseat with each player taking turns.

    User Interface is what it had to be expected of a game of this kind (a chalkboard). There's no music, but a ringer instead to warn when something's been done right.

    Great game. Perfect for bus trips, short waits or to just keep your mind fit. Don't forget that 0,10$ of every download go to a children's hospice called Chestnut Tree House, which is thoughtful.

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    by Peter , Appszoom

    Jan 03, 2012


    The U+ app is extremely playable and has been launched, here on the Android Market, to challenge the World’s population to have lots of fun.

    The built in ‘Timer’ brings excitement and tension to the game as players strive to beat their best time so far.

    It has a simple, unique concept that everyone will enjoy.

    It’s called U+ because that’s all you need to do. You Plus!

    The beauty of U+ is its simplicity and the short completion time.

    It can be downloaded to any Android phone or tablet and is an ideal puzzle to play whilst relaxing at home, during your lunch break or while travelling by bus, train or on the tube. In fact it’s the ‘Ideal Travel Game’.

    There will be no pondering over U+ for hours like when attempting other puzzles, because U+ has been specifically devised to be realistically completed within a few minutes.

    The U+ instructions are easy to follow and players will immediately know what to do. U+ that’s all!

    The U+ puzzle grid contains 35 numbers which form a combination of nineteen simple adding sums that interlink both down and across the screen.

    Puzzles are generated by removing sixteen of the 35 numbers from a solution and placing them in the ‘Missing number’ area.

    To solve a puzzle, players must look at the puzzle screen and decide if they can place a number. If they can they must touch the number in the ‘Missing Numbers’ area followed by the blank box on the puzzle grid where they think it should go.

    If a number is placed incorrectly the player must touch the number again to clear it from the puzzle grid and return it to the ‘Missing Numbers’ area.

    Players must repeat the action of finding numbers until the puzzle is complete and all 16 numbers have been placed correctly.

    There is a timer, which brings tension and competiveness to the game. It starts when the first blank box is touched and stops when the final missing number is placed correctly.

    Players are ‘congratulated’ after solving a puzzle and a screen message tells them whether they have beaten the ‘Best Time’ so far or not. The ‘Best Times’ board records the best 8 times achieved at all four levels and can be reached via the ‘Main Menu’.

    The game can be paused at any time by touching the ‘information’ icon on the top right of the playing screen. Instructions can be viewed, the sound can be turned on or off and players can either resume or quit the game.

    When the sound is on a ‘single bell’ denotes that after placing a number a subsequent total is correct. An alarming ‘ding dong’ warns the player that a number has been incorrectly placed because the total cannot be agreed.

    If sums are calculated correctly the coloured circles around the ‘totals’ become bright green and red if they are wrong.

    There are four levels of difficulty which are governed by the size of the ‘adding numbers’ (in the square boxes) from 1 to 20 for the easiest level and from 1 to 80 for the hardest.

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