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    While we have all played and loved a simple game of tic tac toe in the past, but nothing can beat this version which takes it to the next level and adds a twist to the whole gameplay to make it the ULTIMATE Tic Tac Toe!

    At the core, it's still the same classic noughts or crosses game, but instead of one, here you have nine tic-tac-toe games set out in nine blocks within a bigger 3x3 block.

    The objective of this game is to be the first to win three tic-tac-toe games lying in a row, column, or diagonal within the bigger 3x3 block.

    The Ultimate Tic Tac Toe HD may just turn out to be the hardest game ever that you might have played using noughts and crosses!

    Rules of Play:
    1. The first player can make a move in any cell.
    2. The selected cell position within this mini square corresponds to the mini-square position within the greater square, where the second player must then place an "O".
    3. Thereafter, the two players take turns placing their mark in any unfilled cell within the mini-square dictated by the cell position marked by the previous player.
    4. The first tic-tac-toe winner in a mini square remains the winner in that mini square for the remainder of the game.
    5. If a player is sent to a mini square that has already been won, or in which all the cells are already filled, then the player may next place his mark in any unfilled cell in any other mini square.

    Modes Available:
    - Player vs Player
    - Player vs AI (computer)

    Features -
    √ Addictive game play
    √ Rich graphics
    √ Simple control - easy to learn and play (difficult to master)
    √ Multi player mode
    √ Available on Android mobile and tablet

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