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    Published: 2013-02-01, by Peter Warrior.

    A global infection simulator

    • No nonsense gaming
    • No ads, no in-app purchases
    • High replayability
    • Somes choices are taken randomly: trial and error
    • Touch response needs improvement
    • No lite or trial version available

    "Let's talk about exo-astro-epidemiology"

    Well, it looks like the new plague of mobile games (pun intended) is about viruses and diseases.

    In this game, you play the role of the Gaarg, a type 2 galactic civilization able to alter planets' environment. As they are always in need of energy and resources, they use their vast knowledge on virology to infect target planets and let all inhabitants die out before colonizing and jumping to their next goal.

    Difficulty is set when we choose our target planet: Earth is dwelled by a sort of biped apes pretty easy to wipe out even when they have showed an outstanding resistance to diseases in the past. Other planets are significantly harder, either because aliens living there have a rare physiology or are technologically advanced. At this moment there are six unlockable planets to start with, though there are up to nine more to come.

    Therefore, in order to win the game you have to strategically mutate your virus and develop symptoms and traits so those poor creatures can't evolve fast enough to defend themselves from the plague. Game's absolutely full of little details, both real and fantastic and features (autosave be blessed) guaranteeing a high replayability end enjoyment. However, you know that there's no harm in asking, so we'd like there were more trivia, more fantastic abilities (why not elephantiasis, Dr Strangelove syndrome, Munchausen's...?) and more of everything.

    Universe Pandemic has been developed by Polygon Attraction, weighs 36Mb, comes free of ads or in-app purchases and can be played offline.

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    by Peter , Appszoom

    Feb 01, 2013


    Can you infect the Universe?

    Destroy the universe as the evil alien race known only as "The Gaarg". Modify your pathogen to take over the Universe planet by planet including earth.

    Universe Pandemic is based on the popular flash arcade game Pandemic.

    - 10 Unique planets, all with their own challenges.
    - 52 Unique traits
    - 21 Pathogen Modifications
    - 21 Unique abilities
    - Call in Air strikes, Death beams and planet bombs.
    - Each area has it's own statistics.
    - Speed-up and slow down buttons included.
    - Score system to unlock more planets and impress your friends
    - Game automatically saves so you can return later.
    - Mutate your virus to radically change the game play type.
    - Works fast on any device.

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