Support Bahasa Indonesia, English, and Spanish. Go to menu button to change language and Puzzle type (Number or Letter).
    VanPuzzle is a free and fun puzzle game to play. It is compatible with Android 2.1 above.
    It is also a nice brain game to exercise your skill and your memory, and it's suitable for kids, young people, elder and users with special needs.
    The game will teach the users on how to solve a problem in a proper sequence.
    Beside having fun, this game also introduce kids to numbers and alphabet sequence.
    I categorized as slide Puzzle Number or Puzzle Alphabet (since this game can be play with number or Alphabet)
    Some people also categorized this game as puzzle fifteen.
    To play the game you can scramble, and touch or slide the box that you want to move until it makes a proper sequence from 1 to 15, or from A to Z.

    We made the scrambling process properly, hence you can see how the scramble process is going on.

    By using menu, we can do the following:
    - change from numbers to alphabet, and the other way around
    - change the language to English, Bahasa Indonesian, or Spanish
    - reset the game and back to the original position
    - quit the game, which will stop the application

    Make your puzzle as Indonesian puzzle or Spanish puzzle by installing this small size game.

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