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    Wargame 1st Bull Run 1861

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    The battle of Bull Run (or 1st Manassas) was fought on July 21, 1861.

    It was the first major battle of the American civil war. Both sides expected a crushing victory and the end of the war. What they got was a near Confederate defeat turned to a victory, but nothing decisive enough. There followed 4 more years of conflict.

    This wargame allows you to play either side against the computer, or hotseat against another player.

    There is a map of the Bull Run battlefield divided into hexagons, each representing about 500 yards across

    The combat units are regimental, with each figure representing 100 men or 10 guns.

    Victory is achieved by the capture of flagged areas on the map (the flag indicates ownership) and also inflicting more losses.

    The game can be played with fog of war on or off, and varying options can be set for the AI.

    Game copyright Dave Kershaw, DK Simulations Ltd 2012.
    Artwork by Gonzalo Santacruz

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