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    WarGames: WOPR's review

    Published: 2012-06-26, by Peter Warrior.

    Play a game of "Thermo Nuclear War"

    • Very smart game
    • Nice storyline
    • It isn't TNW at all.
    • No hotseat or multiplayer option.

    "Good morning Professor Falken"

    I admit it. I've been crazy about WOPR game since I heard it was to be released. I was a great fan of the film when I was young, and something inside has been always awaiting to play the game as if I were at the NORAD. I was also quite expectant because I really wanted to know how any developer would dare to recreate the film in a mobile game.

    Curiously, in this game you play the role or the WOPR, this is, the machine, in its continue mission to recreate all possible scenarios of a hypothetical World War III. Don't expect a turn based strategy game, but a sophisticated burst-three-of-a-kind instead. You have to make combos to earn money, radars or health and launch your missiles and intercept enemy ICBMs. Professor Falken will teach you how in the first stage and from then on you are on your own. It's a extremely simple game which arrives to insane quotes of weird strategy once you play higher levels. In addition, you learn new tactics and upgrade and mod yourself to inflict more damage, heal better and earn more money. From time to time, a character will propose you a "poker game" or whatever, which works the same way with some slight differences.

    Graphics pretend to be vectorial, though there are images of the characters you're facing off and sound is composed by bleeps and midi-like sounds, along a eighties 8 bit background music. I would like to play a game more as those huge screens at the NORAD and see red and blue lines drawn from here to there and playing one thousand and one different scenarios, but what I have found is one of the smartest games so far, which cleverly mixes childhood nostalgia with casual gaming. Perhaps the characters and the cared environment may or may not bring you back to the film, though the game is a brave move anyway and won't disappoint anyone.

    In conclusion, even though there isn't an option to "nuke Liechtenstein" (is an example, no offense intended for any Liechtensteiner around) and I haven't heard that wonderful "winner:none" sentence yet; this WOPR by Be-Rad entertainment is one of most smart games this year, halfway between casual and strategy games.

    Lastly, although there are in app purchases to boost your progress, they aren't needed at all. If you buy the game, you can play the whole game. This should be a consolation, as there isn't any lite, trial or demo version available at the time of this review.

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    by Peter , Appszoom

    Jun 26, 2012


    Shall We Play A Game?

    Step into the circuits of the iconic WOPR computer as you wage intense battles of Global Thermonuclear War against characters from the movie WarGames. This is a match-3 like no other - Deploy tactics and equip mods to strategize and outwit your opponent. Take on David Lightman (played by Matthew Broderick), Jennifer Mack (played by Ally Sheedy), McKittrick (played by Dabney Coleman), and others.

    This is THE officially licensed WarGames mobile game!

    -Compelling storyline
    -40+ levels
    -24 Tactics and Mods to make your character more powerful, each with 8 upgradable levels

    There are four tile types on the board at any given time. Drag your finger over as many similar tiles to create as long of a chain as possible. The longer the chain the bigger the bonus you'll get or more damage you'll deal to your opponent.

    Tile Types:
    Nuke - Damage your opponent
    Health - Heal yourself
    Money - Gain money to deploy tactics against your enemy
    Radar - Fills up your bonus meter. Once the meter's reaches 100% you get to choose an instant PowerUp

    Enemy Tiles:
    Your opponents will deploy tiles onto the board in an attempt to damage you and heal themselves. Match enemy tiles with regular tiles of the same type to damage and eventually destroy them. Enemy tiles are denoted by a pulsing crosshair.

    Tactics are instant-use items deployable during battle. They do anything from dealing direct damage to your opponent, destroying enemy tiles, or nuking the whole board. They cost money to use (gain money by clearing money tiles). There are 12 unique tactics, each of which has 8 upgradable levels.

    Mods give passive bonuses and are always active during battle. Their powers range from increasing the amount of money gained each turn, adding to the value of a completed chain, or giving insane bonuses for completing long chains. There are 12 powerful mods and each one has 6 upgradable levels.

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