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    What is my word ? Well thats where you put on your detective hat and become word inspector. Guess the word in minimum moves and earn maximum bonuses. Compete with your facebook friends and become the top chief in your area. We all are word games fan and have played scrabble, scramble and wordsearch. Thats why we bring you the game that mixes the vocabulary challenge with your guessing skills. We present you - What is my word : Word Inspector.

    Word Inspector is an addictive word game. It will keep you busy for hours and you can share your score with your friends on facebook.


    You are presented with a set of letters and a 5 letter word whose 4 letters are unknown. You have to guess the word. Guessing a word requires you to click on letters provided to you and make a genuine dictionary word. If its the right word then you get score based on how much time remains. If its not the right word, then you are informed of the letters that are common between the word you made and the word to be guessed. If the common letter is sitting at the same location as it would in the word to be guessed, then its marked GREEN else its marked YELLOW. The letters that are not present in the word to be guessed but are present in your attempted word, will be marked as RED.

    Once you have guessed three correct words you will be presented with a bonus round. There are two types of bonus rounds, one is in which you have to make as many words as you can without repeating in one minute. In second bonus round you have to make as many words as possible in 1 minute, but spell it backwards.

    We hope you will love this game. Do let us know your feedback and comments.

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