Where`s my blankie?

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    Where`s my blankie?

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    The extra adorable puppy, Toto, invites you all to his special arcade skills game: Where's my blankie? The rosy-pink doggy is very attached to his beloved blankie which seems to have suddenly disappeared, as if by magic, and now he is terribly sad. Still, you have the power to make Toto happy again by helping him recover his blue blankie, throughout all 20 levels of skills-challenging, fun adventures.

    If you're looking for a great way to spend an afternoon, then the Toto's special Where's My Blankie? quest is certainly the perfect game for you. Download the android version and enjoy it from the intimacy of your own phone, anywhere and anytime. You will totally fall in love with the vulnerable puppy, as you join forces with him in each level, to help recover the soft blue blankie. If you could never ever resist such a cute puppy in real-life either, I'm sure you will find it impossible resisting a sad puppy in need for your help, am I right?

    This new skill game sensation is extremely easy to play, but nonetheless addictive, with simple touch-screen swipes that enable you to do independent moves to complete each level in it's own particular way.
    So help Toto clean-up his room to find the blankie underneath a pile of clothes, then help him complete a green grass maze, then build a boat to cross over rivers and pile up objects to cross over to his beloved blankie. How's that for a challenging quest? You must surely admit that this is not just one of the cutest skill games for girls that you've ever enjoyed, but one of the most challenging ones, too, right? In some levels you will also need to use your imagination to elope dangerous situations, to complete funny puzzles and to even convince cute birdies and fish to unleash tigers that will get you the blankie. Use your skills to reconstruct mazes putting together lovely pictures, then expect to be challenged to build back various funny constructions and to use your skills to find clever ways to complete each level and bring the blankie back to Toto. Do not expect to find two identical levels, they do not resemble in graphics nor in game-play, so get ready to face new and new unexpected tests to pass as you try to complete all the game's 20 levels! If you're both big a puppy fan and a truly challenging skill games-passionate, too, you will definitely grow simply addicted to this cute app for Android here! The dolidoli adorable puppy will of course be very grateful to you, rewarding you in his most heart-melting manner, saying a cute "Thank you" after each level. If you've played other super engaging free skills games before, I'm pretty sure that, still, none of them was this... sweet, right?

    Eager to put a huge smile upon this candy-pink pup's face? Well, then go ahead and download this fun skill game on your Android phone and work your magic to turn this sad little puppy into the happiest doggy in the online world helping him track down his dear blankie, over and over again, while you're having loads of challenging fun, too!

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