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    Who Got Brains - Mind Games's review

    Published: 2012-08-30, by Ana Gracia.

    Explore the four sections and discover your brain power

    • Useful to exercise the brain
    • Smooth graphics and beautiful design
    • Entertaining
    • Short

    "Which is your strongest skill?"

    Who Got Brains is a curious and fun game where you get to discover how much power you have and help your brain exercise. The app tests your brain in the four main areas: Analytical, Memory, Math and Visual.

    The game consists of a series of test and mini games which you need to complete within the time in order to keep your mind active. The left hemisphere of the brain is responsible for analytical thinking. in the exercise, you'll need to look at the scales and spot the heaviest object. The math section makes you fill in the answers to the equation as quickly as you can. In Visual Perception Skills, you will have to count the number of crates in the stack as fast as you can. Finally, in memory, you should spot the identical cards and match them quickly.

    When you've finished the four activities, you will get a score in each section, the total power of your brain and your strongest skill. From now on, you can try to improve that score and train your brain every day so it doesn't get sleepy. In addition, you can challenge your friends by sharing your results in Facebook and Twitter and inviting them to play.

    XLabz Technologies Pvt Ltd is the developer of Who Got Brains, a game which is beautifully design and helps you train your brain skills every day. Really worth it if you want to keep you mind active.

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    by Anna , Appszoom

    Aug 30, 2012


    Who Got Brains is a collection of puzzles, brain games & brain teasers designed to increase your IQ!

    Did you know that your brain generates 10 to 23 watts of power while you're awake? That's enough energy to turn on a light bulb! Curious to find out your Brain Power, take up this brain trainer & IQ test? Then get ready to test your brain with Who Got Brains!

    Who Got Brains is an IQ test designed to test your brain in 4 key areas: Analytical, Memory, Math and Visual. It takes you through a series of mini-games, puzzles & brain teasers which will have you racing against the clock to complete them! So you get to play a bunch of fun math games, brain games & puzzles and keep your brain sharp and active at the same time!


    • A series of rapid-fire brain games that test your cognitive abilities. Challenge and stimulate your brain with a variety of brain games, brain teasers & puzzles in 4 key categories: Analytical, Memory, Math & Visual.
    • The scores from each category are summed up to give you an overall rating- your Brain Power!
    • Login with Facebook to see your rank on the local and global Leaderboards. Compare your Brain Power with friends and see where you stand amongst them.
    • Invite your Facebook friends to play this brain game & challenge them to beat your score!
    • Share your best achievements on Who Got Brains via Facebook & Twitter.

    And hey! If you’re not too happy with your scores, just keep playing! The more you play Who Got Brains; the higher you score on the puzzles, the higher your Brain Power becomes. Nothing like a brain training game to keep your brain charged, yeah?

    Not just that, brain games are proven to keep diseases like Alzheimer's at bay. So keep your brain fit and strong with Who Got Brains.

    So, all set to take this brain trainer? And find out who has the biggest brain among your buddies? Play this IQ test now and get your daily dose of Brain Power!!

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