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    A magical game made of matches and potions

    • Great graphics
    • Enjoyable mix

    "Color Potions"

    Welcome to Witch's Workshop: Open for Biz, a new game in the line of Puzzle & Dragons, a mix of fantasy and puzzle games taking place in a shop full of potions and magic spells.

    Help Annie take up the business and help people with their potions. Create color matches to satisfy your customers' needs and get help from powerful power-ups while the game progressively increases its challenge.

    SPARK PLUG GAMES LLC is the developer of Witch's Workshop: Open for Biz, a mix of time management and puzzle game, perfect for quick minds and fans of colorful graphics.

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    It's a mystical land of fairies and dragons, witches and wizards, indentured servants and old ladies who need dentures. Yes, that's right. Even in this enchanted place, the peasant folk have their troubles and are looking for a cure!

    Luckily for them, there's the Witch's Workshop - a one stop shop for cure-all potions of all shapes and sizes. Annie's Aunt Gwendolyn had been running this shop for years until she mysteriously vanished while working on a potion to cure spontaneous invisibility.

    The townsfolk are lost without Gwendolyn and need their potions, so it's up to Annie to take up her Aunt's broom, learn the ancient art of potion making and get the Witch's Workshop back up and running.

    With the help of her Aunt's trusty pet, Dragonfire, some eye of newt, and a little luck, Annie will be casting a spell over EverGlenn in no time in Witch's Workshop: Open for Business.

    • Unlimited matching and time management game play to exercise and entertain your brain
    • Instant gratification from satisfying customers, just like in the real world of retail!
    • Gold for you to buy fantastic new items and upgrades
    • Free fun! Seriously. It’s free
    • New pets, which are guaranteed to be hypoallergenic
    • Currently available on Android platforms
    • Available on iOS platforms by Q2 2012

    • Network Communication, Full Internet Access - Required to make sure that the world is still there. But seriously, sometimes it's good to know what's happening outside the game, and in this case there's a really cool service called OpenFeint that we enable in the game so you can see the neat things that other people are doing (like getting high scores and fun achievements.)

    • Network Communication, View Network State - Required to allow really cool spiffy in-game purchase items, or even if you don't want to buy gold and crystals, you can get some great offers through the Tapjoy network. And when you do decide to buy some great shiny gold or crystals, we have to be told by Google when you've made that transaction.

    • Phone Calls, Read Phone State and Identity - Required to allow the Tapjoy network when it can access the offers for lots and lots of free stuff.

    • Storage, Modify/Delete USB Storage Contents Modify/Delete SD Card Contents - We really want to make sure you can save your games. It wouldn't be cool if you played your games and then couldn't save all the neat stuff you earned.

    • System Tools, Retrieve Running Applications - If you want to brag about the awesomeness of your score, you can use OpenFeint. And OpenFeint likes to know if there's other applications that are also enabled with the same awesomeness that we are.

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