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    Word Cheats is an app that "cracks" any matrix style word game. This app was built
    to help me cheat at word shaker. It can be used for a word search solver,
    ruzzle solver, word finder, word crack solver, boggle solver, and more!

    Watch the promo video to see this in action.

    Word Cheats is a simple but fully featured which includes abilities to...

    - Customize board sizes (ie. 3x3, 4,4, 8x8, etc. )
    - Customize the point value for each letter (ie. F = 4 points)
    - Customize the word length bonus (ie. A 6 letter word gives a 4x bonus)
    - Use Qu for Q when typed
    - Choose dictionary (ENABLE, SOWPODS,TWL, MOBY)

    - Choose what color you want the word to highlight as ( Blue, Green, Light Gray, Magenta, Red, Yellow)
    - Show letter trails for the word found (ie. The selected word would show a superscript for each letter
    to show the order one needs to make it)

    - Show dictionary definitions for words found

    If you wish to use the app for other word fun,the ability to generate a random board of letters is available.
    Show your friends!

    For large boards, a zoom option is given, however landscape mode is fully supported and tablet optimized.

    Once you crack the board, there are 4 different swipeable views for presenting all the words found.

    1. Show all words sorted by descending point value
    2. Group all words by word length
    3. Group all words for a particular [Row][Column] index in the board.
    For example, if you wanted to see all the words you could make with the
    letter "C" for Row 2, Column 1. Now you can camp out in one spot making all
    the good words then move onto the next one
    4. Alphabetical Order

    If you have any questions, complaints or suggestions
    please drop an email to

    At this time I cannot directly respond to app reviews, so feel free to also post to to get a direct dialog with me.

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