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    Word Composer is a simple generic word descrambler (word solver), anagram solver and pattern matching application. It supports two modes of operation:

    1) Word composition mode
    2) Pattern matching mode

    *********************************** IMPORTANT **********************************

    This application requires 46 Mbytes of extra memory for dictionary installation.

    If you don't need the Greek dictionary, please download the Word Cheater app instead
    ( )


    The user can enter as many letters as he/she wishes and press the “Search” button.

    The question mark (?) represents a single unknown character. In composition mode, only one question mark character is allowed. The asterisk (*) represents a sequence of characters (or no characters at all) and it is supported only in pattern matching mode. Again, only one asterisk is allowed.

    Mandatory letters (or letter sequences) are letters that every accepted word must contain. The user can choose whether a word must include all mandatory letters (AND condition) or just one of them (OR condition). The mandatory letters must be a subset of the original set of the selected letters. They are separated by commas. Mandatory letters are used only in word composition mode.


    - Selected letters (q,w,e,r,t,y,u,i,o,p)
    - Mandatory (qu,t)

    Examples of patterns:

    - class*, find all words beginning with “class”.
    - *room, find all words ending in “room”.
    - c*room, find all words beginning with “c” and ending in “room”
    - cr??sw??d, crossword pattern
    - c?a*room, mixed pattern

    There is no restriction concerning the number of letters entered by the user, but the maximum number of words returned cannot exceed 1500. The user can narrow down the query space of a search by defining the minimum number of letters in a word (available only in composition mode).

    Supported languages:

    - English
    - Greek

    Have fun!

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