Word Heard

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    ** The ideal platforms for this game are 7 inch tablets and 4.5+ inch phones. Our full list of tested devices is below; you can also try the free demo first! **

    • Try the free demo before you buy. Includes the first 20 questions!
    • Over 200 questions to wrack your brain on!
    • Use figures of speech, idioms, slang, and other common sayings to complete each question
    • Solve questions alone or with others: a great cooperative game
    • Earn hints for the more difficult questions by completing easier ones
    • A clean graphical display and soothing music keep you focused on the task

    Where have you heard that word before? Was it something your mother said when you were little? Maybe it was in a movie title or the line from your favorite song? Or perhaps it’s just a word inside ANOTHER word. Regardless of where you heard that word, now you know the philosophy behind Word Heard.

    If you’re still a little confused, consider the following questions:
    Question: How does a game like Word Heard become successful?
    Answer: Through WORD of mouth!

    Question: And how did you find out that Word Heard is a great game?
    Answer: I HEARD it through the grapevine!

    As you can see, the concept of the game isn't too far off from a crossword puzzle. You’re given clues as well as the number of letters in each answer. However, instead of solving clues by crisscrossing words, you’re given clue words (in this case, the clues were “WORD” and “HEARD”) for each category and must then use at least one clue word in each of the answers.

    What’s the beauty of Word Heard? Some would argue for its relaxing nature. There’s no time limit and no penalty for a wrong answer. Others champion it for its use of common phrases that almost everyone is familiar with. No questions about Russian novelists or South American geography here. But our favorite aspect of the game is that “Aha!” moment. When a clue is just eating at you, because the answer is sticking out there on the tip of your tongue. And then it just randomly pops into your head. All you can think is, “THAT’S where I Heard that Word!”

    Samsung Galaxy S3, Droid RAZR

    Kindle Fire (1st generation), Kindle Fire (2nd generation), Kindle Fire HD (7"), Nexus 7, Samsung Galaxy Tab (1st edition), Nook Color, Nook Tablet, Nook HD