Your Memory




    The goal of the game is to match all of the paired tiles in as few moves and little time as possible. You can also use your photos/images as a background so when you solve the puzzle you will see the picture. Or you can just use the build-in images.
    There are two types of matching games. 1) Alphabet match and 2) color match.
    The Alphabet Match is just like any other matching game, you match the letter under each tile to finish the game, but the Color Match has a twist to it. Each tile still has an letter but with a different color. There are two tiles with the same color (but different letter) and the goal is to match the color instead of the letter. For example, a Red "A" will matching to Red "B" but not the Yellow "A", and so on.
    This game does NOT have advertisements and does not need any permissions on your phone.