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    This application is a high quality game of Turkish Draughts, famously known as Dama. It is a board game similar to Checkers but with different rules. There are two players and each player has sixteen pieces. User will be able to play with AI in different game difficulty modes, Easy, Medium and Hard. AI has been built accordingly to respond to player modes and spending thinking time as per the difficulty level selected by the user of the game.

    Game Rules:
    1. Board and pieces: 8x8 board each player starts with 16 men (white and black) placed on all the squares of the second and third rows. All the squares are used.
    2. Men’s move: they move one square horizontally or vertically forwards, never backwards.
    3. Kings moves: they move and jump vertically and horizontally any number of squares. The king cannot cross over his own piece or two enemy pieces in a single move.
    4. Maximum capture compulsory: if there are two or more different chances to make capture, it is compulsory to make the move that captures the maximum amount of the opponents pieces.
    5. Game ends in a draw after doing 1 king moves from both the sides in a row without capturing an enemy piece or winning.
    6. Game ends in a draw after doing 20 men moves from both the sides in a row without doing any capture or upgrade to a king.
    7. Last remaining men would turn into a King automatically if associated settings have been turned on from settings screen.

    1. Single Player
    2. Three Difficulty Game Modes.
    3. Artificial Intelligence
    4. Men Movement Assistance
    5. King Movement Assistance
    6. Game Draw
    7. Last Man is king option
    8. Sound Control
    9. Moves and Captured Pieces Animation
    10. Customized Background music and sounds.

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