Zac Words

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    Zac is there to watch you unscramble his 5 letter words. Zac will dance if you do good.

    3 modes of play.

    TIME: You have just 20 seconds to unscramble each words. If you fail to do this or don't use an available skip, your game is over. You play for as long as you can stay alive.

    WORDS: No time limit on each word. But a time limit of 3 minutes per/game. Use up 3 skips if you need to. Try to unscramble as many words as you can in 3 minutes.

    MILLIONS: This is the same mode as WORDS, only your score is based on words, not speed and will accumulate over time. Meaning it wont reset. You aim is to reach 1 million points and see what Zac has in store for you.