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    ZenBee is an innovative new word scramble/puzzle game where you click through letter hexagons to reveal the hidden word, and help the lost bee find his hive again. Game play is like Scrabble meets Sudoku, set in a visually elegant Asian Zen environment.

    You can set word lengths from 3 to 16 letters. Young children and kids can play with shorter words to help them learn letter order and discover new words. Words with 16 letters will challenge even the most advanced spellers, as bees come out and cover letters!

    Don't know the meaning of a word? Expand your vocabulary with the "Define Word" feature. The family friendly dictionary contains over 83,000 words.

    === Tech Notes ===

    Because this app was developed in Flash:
    * It requires Adobe AIR, which is available for free on the app market (app will prompt you for download, 16MB)
    * There is a brief blank screen before the app loads
    * Slight delay on sound effects

    I tested this app on a Epic 4G (Samsung Galaxy), which has a screen resolution of 480x800. Not sure how well it works on other phones/screen sizes. Try the ZenBee Free (demo) version first if you have compatibility concerns.