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    3D Rush Racing is one of those racing games which, unlike a simple formula 1 game, is not just about passion for cars, but also about spirit and dedication. It's about the ability to see beyond the immediate and the given present and about being capable to overcome the situation of having a less tricked out motor in the quest to win a major race.

    Somewhere in a far away exotic country, where large roads lead to a gigantic metropolis, to the huge urban agglomeration, with highly advanced technology, people turned their eyes and souls away from their protective spirit, the dragon. Therefore, don't expect this game to resemble any one of those common car games that you've enjoyed before, when it comes to game theme and plot. The fantastic human ant hill of the metropolis solicits to the extreme the adapting capacity of their inhabitants and bring to foreground a very nasty competitive spirit very well hidden inside them, till now. Still, some of the inhabitants are wiser than that and have turned their mind and soul to the archaic teachings of the dragon to find guidance in this self consuming world, for they know a secret. Deep down in the depths of the mountain there lies, fallen asleep centuries ago, the master dragon. Once ruling these surroundings, the dragon is a noble creature that went to a long sleep, since he's been less and less summoned by the surrounding villagers. The villages slowly turned into the current modern city with sky scrapers and high speed cars lighting the night and they lost their purity and archaic belief system that once kept the dragon around as their protector.

    Despite this, there is a well selected elite that practices the dragon summoning ritual during some high speed races, where they show off their cars in a showcase of passion and honor. This is one of the few racing games where the dedication, commitment and balance are well appreciated and put on their rightful pedestal. It's not just about driving a car, you know, but about developing your self control and inner balance, bringing out the true master in you. Legends come alive with dragon inspired car tattoos and powerful engines. Taste the adrenaline driving sharp looking cars with lots of horse power! This race is for those with excellent spirit and inner strength, those who don't get turn into show-offs, but know how to drive the most outstanding cars. You should also know that you'll be starting off with a less tuned car and that you'll move on to the next level only if you manage to prove your mater skills, to prove that you are worthy of driving such a jaw-dropping car.

    Bring to life the strict sense of discipline of the warrior full of honor locked inside you and summon the dragon's most valuable qualities. Be the human dragon of the contemporary world. Compete with Megan, Mike, Lisa, Ian and Mark in the racing games of honor. Each one of them is a well versed driver with high self control and sharp reflexes and each of them has his/her one unique personality and thus, a unique way of driving their cars. Don't let that discourage you and make sure to get yourself inspired by the the tattoo on your car representing a stylized dragon!

    This is not just about car games, but about bringing out the true warrior inside you, one with a perfectly balanced mind and sharp reflexes. Go back to the ancient code of honor represented by the dragon and vow not to let technology alter your spirit and the freedom of your mind. Remember that you are the master of technology and not the other way around. So,test your focus and reflexes in a quest for better judgment and freedom of the mind!

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