Alien Space Bike Racing




    It’s time to save the world and become a hero - in Alien Space Bike Racing 3D!

    The space race has just become even more intense - as this daring alien fires up his engines, hops on his motorcycle and flies through the galaxy at crazy speeds! This futuristic adventure will have you flying through the galaxy at the speed of light - can you become the coolest alien racer to ever kick up the moon dust?

    Become a hero of the galaxy as you speed towards Earth - to save it from mass destruction. Now, only one question remains: will you make it there in time? Alien Space Bike Racing 3D is a game where it’s all or nothing as you race against the clock, ducking and flying over obstacles!

    Swipe left, right, up or down to move and take the fast lane to victory! Alien Space Bike Racing 3D is a game that will push your dexterity to the limit, can you move fast enough to avoid obstacles heading your way?

    Alien Space Bike Racing 3D puts you in-control of your destiny - take the highway to victory and become an extraterrestrial hero! The closer you get to Earth, the stronger the pull of gravity - can you stay cool under the pressure of extraordinary speeds?

    Save Earth, save the galaxy and save the universe - in Alien Space Bike Racing 3D!

    - The fun and addictive 3D racing game for Android!
    - Earn bonuses, buy upgrades and improve your highscore!
    - Just swipe left, right, up and down to control your motorcycle!

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