Dice Racers




    Do you like rolling the dice?

    How about Race Cars and fun retro graphics?

    Dice Racers is a VERY simple dice game that's great for dice lovers who need a fun little game to kill time. Try your luck by rolling the dice and see if you win the race against the computer.

    With Dice Racers, all you do is roll the dice 3 times, save your highest dice, and then race.

    If you get the highest roll, you win the race!

    For example, try to collect as many 6's as you can within 3 rolls. If you roll 6 6's, you should win (or tie)

    That's all there is to it.

    Game Play:

    1) Roll the dice 3 times, each time touching the dice you wish to save (usually the highest values)
    2) Race.
    3) If you had the highest total roll, you win.

    Plus, this dice game has some fun retro graphics and old school music and sound effects.

    This game is free and Ad Supported.

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