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    The easiest and most consistent tunes on the market! Our times are averages, not once in a while flukes! Having problems in career mode? Our "Best of Class" setups will take you through the entire career mode effortlessly, 1,700,000 + 2,300RP in 20 minutes!

    [Available on Amazon for users experiencing difficulties with orders on Android Market.]

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    *For those inconvenienced by scrolling through other vehicles there is a "hide feature" in the best of class menu. Press "Best of Class" and select "Only show best of class."

    Level 1:
    -RX8 12.365 1/4mi
    -RX8 19.170 1/2mi
    -S2000 12.525 1/4mi
    -S2000 18.987 1/2mi
    -Supra 12.615 1/4mi

    Level 2:
    -S2000 10.618 1/4mi
    -S2000 16.585 1/2mi
    -BMW 328is 10.915 1/4mi
    -Integra 11.050 1/4mi
    -Alfa Romeo GT 17.495 1/2mi
    -Renault Clio 17.880 1/2mi
    -Camaro 17.195 1/2mi
    -RX8 11.114 1/4mi
    -CM E111 11.625 1/4

    Level 3:
    -S2000 15.461 1/2mi
    -S2000 10.175 1/4mi
    -Skyline 09.949 1/4mi
    -Camaro 15.520 1/2mi
    -Mustang SVT 10.510 1/4mi
    -Porsche 911 16.700 1/2mi
    -Honda NSX 10.655 1/4mi
    -Pontiac Firebird 10.155 1/4mi
    -Pontiac Firebird 15.630 1/2mi
    -Charger 10.610 1/4mi
    -BMW M3 10.655 1/4mi
    -BMW M3 16.094 1/2mi
    -Lotus CM E111 15.700 1/2mi

    Level 4:
    -BMW M3 09.574 1/4mi
    -BMW M3 14.375 1/2mi
    -Subaru Impreza 09.615 1/4mi
    -Porsche 911 14.870 1/2mi
    -CLS63 15.980 1/2mi

    Level 5:
    -Lamborghini Gallardo: 09.397 1/4mi
    -Aston Martin One 13.979 1/2mi
    -Aston Martin One 09.420 1/4mi
    -GT-R R35 9.520 1/4mi
    -Evo X: 09.480 1/4mi
    -Audi RS6 9.505 1/4mi
    -BMW M6 9.500 1/4mi
    -BMW M6 14.200 1/2mi
    -GT-R R35 9.520 1/4mi
    -Alfa Romeo 15.015 1/2mi
    -GT500 9.620 1/4mi

    Level 6:
    -Lamborghini Gallardo: 08.625 1/4mi
    -Aston Martin One: 12.860 1/2mi
    -Callaway C16 13.520 1/2mi
    -Corvette C6 8.960 1/4mi
    -Ford GT 13.535 1/2mi
    -Brabus 8.935 1/4mi
    -Viper 8.730 1/4mi
    -Porsche Carrera GT 13.625 1/2mi

    Level 7:
    -Audi R8 8.301 1/4mi
    -Audi R8 8.302 1/4mi (2nd gear start)
    -Novitec 12.362 1/2mi (2nd gear start)
    -Novitec 12.359 1/2mi (1st gear start)
    -Novitec 8.565 1/4mi
    -Ford RS200 8.450 1/4mi
    -Enzo: 8.560
    -Gumpert Apollo 8.575 1/4mi
    -Aston Martin One 12.430 1/2mi
    -Aston Martin One 8.530 1/4mi
    -Lamborghini Murcielago 8.625 1/4mi
    -Lamborghini Murcielago 12.970 1/2mi

    Level 8:
    -Zonda: 11.626 1/2mi
    -Zonda: 7.899 1/4mi
    -CM F1 7.875 1/4mi
    -CM-F1 11.875 1/2mi
    -Lamborghini LP670 12.035 1/2mi
    -Lamborghini LP670 7.898 1/4mi
    -Enzo 12.290 1/2mi
    -Saleen S7 7.955 1/4mi
    -Maserati MC12 11.945 1/2mi
    -Mercielago 7.900 1/4mi
    -Mercielago 11.975 1/2mi
    -Audi R8 7.930 1/4mi
    -Agera R 7.990 1/4mi
    -GT9-R 12.050 1/2mi

    Level 9:
    -Ultimate Aero 11.133 1/2mi
    -Ultimate Aero 11.139 1/2mi (2nd gear alt)
    -Ultimate Aero 7.639 1/4mi
    -Ferrari FXX 7.584 1/4mi
    -Ferrari FXX 11.415 1/2mi
    -Veyron 11.670 1/2mi
    -GT9-R 7.635 1/4mi
    -GT9-R 11.360 1/2mi
    -Ferrari FXX 7.588 1/4mi
    -Ferrari FXX 11.415 1/2mi
    -Venom 11.705 1/2mi
    -Venom 7.890 1/4mi

    Level 10:
    -Hennessey Venom 10.896 1/2mi
    -Hennessey Venom 10.898 1/2mi (alt)
    -Hennessey Venom 7.388 1/4mi
    -Veyron SS 7.257 1/4mi
    -Veyron SS 10.940 1/2mi
    -Ultimate Aero 10.925 1/2mi
    -FXX 7.463 1/4mi


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    Watch for us on the track! Our vehicles are color coded so you'll know just what we're up to!

    Red: New setup, working out the final kinks

    Gold: Showing off our next setups to be on the app.

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