Drift & Speed: Xtreme Fast Cars & Racing Simulator




    Mixed simulation and arcade driving model in one game which definitely bring you emotions unique in this genre.

    Start burning asphalt under your wheels, use maximum power in your car and leave your opponent behind you. Experience the glory of ultimate win fastest race on the planet. Challenge best drivers on the globe and prove that you are worthy of the champion title. Win every possible race on the planet and obtain eternal crown of the winner.

    All races brings emotions, but nothing is so awesome like driving your own car on asphalt track. Gt cars brings amazing emotions, drifts on the turns, acceleration on the straight road - that is what every driver love and this exactly what this game brings.

    Make fastest circuits on asphalt tracks if you feel the need for ultimate speed, test limits of engine, warm the tires and experience racing like never before. Reality wouldn’t be enough after experiences in this game.

    Real speed would be only thing about you could think after few asphalt circuits - stop dreaming about speed and answer to your needs of fast competition.

    Advanced racing simulation finally reached on the Android - you can stop waiting for racing challenges and start experiencing them on yourself.

    Sport cars would bring emotions to your life, underground races produce adrenaline in your veins if you are tough enough to shift your live in this dangerous sport. Realistic physics allow you for road ‘moves’ unseen anywhere else. Just let you chase your dream on asphalt and speed will become your life.

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