Duty Driver FULL

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    In this game with fantastic car physics you will be able to:
    • Be a driver in bank robbery
    • Run away from police
    • Avoid road blocks and barricades
    • Find a way out of town
    • Jump on buildings and over river
    • Catch criminals
    • Collect and deliver boxes
    • Repair antenna towers
    • Drive over trash cans
    • Search for things
    • Drive passengers by bus
    • Perform precise parking
    • Drive bus on a test polygon
    • Fuel the vehicle on gas station
    • Deliver patients to hospital
    • Race with time

    This game is available in 2 versions:
    • Lite (free, total download size 49 MB, 10 levels)
    • Full (paid, no ads, total download size 49 MB, 30 levels)

    You will experience following driving modes:
    • High speed drive
    • Police pursuit
    • Driving cars with front and back drive
    • Driving cars with 4 wheel drive, with and without ESP
    • Parking cars
    • Precise driving and parking of buses
    • Off-road driving
    • Driving through tunnels and over wooden bridges

    • Beautiful open door scenarios
    • 30 eye-popping, visually attractive tracks
    • Small download size - no extra download needed
    • Simple but colorful and fast graphics rendering
    • Great sound
    • No extra permissions needed for installation

    Game includes following missions:
    • Mafia driver - 9 levels
    • Pickup driver - 6 levels
    • Bus driver - 9 levels
    • Police driver - 3 levels
    • Ambulance driver - 3 levels

    • Unity 3D engine
    • NVIDIA PhysX physics engine
    • Support for both OpenGL 1.x and OpenGL 2.0
    • Available for Android 2.0.1 Eclair (API level 6) or higher
    • Possibility to configure difficulty level: easy, medium, hard
    • Possibility to configure way to control your vehicle: by touch, by slide and by tilt screen
    • Possibility to reduce visibility range, to increase frame rate on low-end devices
    • Possibility to change camera during game (in car, follow car, rotate cam)
    • Works even on low-end devices such as Huawei Media pad (but with reduced visibility range)
    • Supports all screen sizes from e.g. Samsung Galaxy Mini (480x320) to Samsung Galaxy S3 or Huawei Tablets

    • This is a FULL version. It has 30 levels. You might want to download and install Duty Driver LITE first, which is free, to check availability for your device
    • On some devices visibility range, model details and textures might different, depending of device that you are using
    • In case of bad performance, reduce visibility range in OPTIONS/GRAPHICS to medium or low
    • Email us your experience with this game: ideas for new episodes of Duty Driver, what you don't like and what kind of missions did you like the best
    • If you will like this game, check occasionally Google Play for new versions of Duty Driver
    • Use options to configure controls and graphics to get best of this game and your device
    • Enjoy the game!

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