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    Curious how cars and highways would look like in the far, far away future? How bout taking a glimpse? The In Space 3D game, no doubt one of your future top favorite racing car games 3D, is your virtual time travel machine! Jump in and get ready to land on a high tech futuristic looking highway, in outer space, and... at the wheel of an amazing space vehicle of the future! Have we stirred your curiosity?

    Well, here you are, in space, comets passing you by unbelievably close, glittery stars seeming within a hand's reach. Pretty amazing, huh? You simply cannot deny that this is one of the 3D car games that dazzles you away, with its amazing, super realistic graphics, from the very first minute! Still, don't think that you're here for admiring and taking an incredibly close look at the stars! No sir, you're here for enjoying an amazing adrenaline-rising intergalactic car race! Speaking of that, have you selected your super space car? Great! Keep in mind to read the game's instructions, too: you'll have tilt your phone left or right for controlling your super space car. As unbelievably simple as that, when it comes to game controls it's as simple as in any other free 3D games that you've played so far! Well, it is simple until you actually start to roll down the high speed space highway and run the risk of crushing into all the other space vehicles, for they, too, will be speeding down like crazy!

    Don't neglect the bonuses' importance, keeping in mind to pick up as many shields and healthy symbols as possible. When it comes to racing car games 3D, the bonuses to go for are no doubt responsible of the games' engaging challenges! The shields will offer you protection, for 10 seconds, against the brutal bumping and crushing into the other cars rolling there, in space. Also, the health bonus will help your car miraculously recover after one such brutal car accident! Go for them all while you're doing your best to reach mind-blowing speed and score a record time, too. Perfect reaction times and super driving skills are a must, for the more you advance into this far away galaxy, the more you manage to keep your space car on this high speed space highway, the more difficult it will get to avoid the other cars, to squeeze in between or collect the precious bonuses. As a true free 3D games addict you will definitely grow addicted to this intergalactic high speed car race here! It will get even better! Each new level welcomes you with a brand new space car to test and make the best use of its powerful engine and high tech upgrades. So, are you ready to assert your supremacy as a highly skillful driver in outer space, too?

    What are you waiting for: get the In Space 3D game started, get behind your amazing, high tech space car, getting ready for the car racing experience of your life, rolling down like a speed-addict through the avalanche of stars and comets there, in space, and proving to yourself that you'd make a great driver in outer space as you are on solid ground!

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