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    LEGO® Speedorz™'s review

    Published: 2013-07-03, by Peter Warrior.

    A racing game made of Lego pieces.

    • Lego character creation
    • Glitchy graphics
    • Low playability, not much challenging

    "Lego Kart"

    LEGO Speedorz, in order to summarize it in a simple sentence, it could be called Lego Kart and nobody would take offense.

    However, if you want to enquire more, know that it's lovely how Lego develops its games and keeps its essence alive at the same time. You can check it out just since the very character creation screen, which is so lego-ish you'd like to dust off your old barrel full of lego pieces from the basement. However, 3D graphics may look like stunning at first, but soon glitches will be too obvious as to be omitted. Likewise, playability doesn't reach what you should expect: it's too easy, but controls are too clumsy at the same time, closer to waste your time just because rather than actually being a challenge, which makes us believe that it's a game with no ambition other than be a game for children as those which were given in CDs inside cornflake boxes not so time ago.

    In conclusion, it's just a game which main goal is to promote a new ongoing Lego set, and though it can be entertaining for children, it won't satisfy what casual players need.

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    by Peter , Appszoom

    Jul 03, 2013


    Customize your animal minifigure, hop on a Speedor, and race through the Kingdom of CHIMA!

    • Battle through the Falling Jungle, the Rhino Canyon and the Swamps against the best Speedor riders in CHIMA
    • Win races to face new challenges and unlock more difficult routes
    • Face off against Laval and Cragger as well as other famous CHIMA characters
    • Unleash the power of CHI to boost your Speedor
    • Reach furious speeds and avoid obstacles to post the fastest times
    • Unlock new items to customize your character and collect studs to buy new Speedorz
    • Compete against opponents in the Tribe Cup
    • Boost your Speedor using CHI to become temporarily invincible and smash through objects without slowing down
    • Look out for helpful hints and tips on loading screens
    • Explore the world of CHIMA with links to new Videos and News from the website
    • Introducing Vault Rewards! Complete achievements to unlock CHIMA Vault Codes. Use the codes on the CHIMA Vault website to receive your rewards.

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