Moto Bike Grand Prix Race




    RIDE without fear!

    Moto Grand Prix Bike Race is one of the most awaited race for big bikes in the history. This is no ordinary race, It is everybody’s dream as a professional bike racer to be qualified and be included in this race. As you bend those curves and flatten those straights to get the title is a must. A seconds of losing is not an option as this is where the big boys stand out and race their flags on the boards.

    Moto Grand Prix Bike Race is a fast paced racing game where you have to avoid crashing to those obstacles and other racers. Boost up your speed like no one else can compete and triple those speed like fast forwarding time when you catch those power up coins. Collect as many coins as you can while racing to get the most outstanding off big bikes that has been created.

    This all-new awesome game features some really cool stuff:
    *Great game play, sounds and graphics?
    *Awesome fast paced action?
    *Special IAP Novice Mode - Use this IAP to play with out dying!

    Download and play with the Moto Grand Prix Bike Race game today and become part of our community. If you love super bike join others in the Moto Grand Prix Bike Race and make sure you visit our Facebook page!

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